Co-Living wohnen
Creative Blocks

Hamburg, Hafenstadt , Baakenhafen

Co-Living is a special form of living where a few people live together in a group of homes with shared areas, for example social and clubbing areas. 60 of such co-living spaces were just built in the Versmannstraße at Baakenhafen, an inner harbour of Hamburg. As part of the project “Creative Blocks”, these shared living areas combine premium living space with enough room for creative development, a great transport connection and sustainable materials since the used fibre concrete is completely recyclable.
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  • Preview: clic_Projekte_Slider_Baakenhafen_02
  • Preview: clic_Projekte_Slider_Baakenhafen_03
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Kunde: Garbe Immobilien-Projekte
Architekten: ksg architekten und stadtplaner“ sowie die KSP-Engel Architekten
Planung und Umsetzung der Clubbing-Bereiche: Clic Inneneinrichtung Planungsabteilung, Susanne Vollmers

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